10 Cheapest WordPress WooCommerce Plugins under $19.

Are you running an online business on WordPress? If yes? Then, this is gonna be a life-changing article for you. Not everyone can dare running a business, you must be a strong and brave human being. And we can’t deny the fact that there are always risks in business either operational or financial. And when it is an online business, you have to pay for almost everything.  Thus to provide you financial aid, we hereby, present you with the cheapest WordPress eCommerce plugins. These Cheapest WordPress WooCommerce Plugins will help you grow your business effortlessly and won’t cost you more than $19.

Cheapest WordPress WooCommerce Plugins

You heard it right! Just $19.

1. Mercado Pro – Turn your WooCommerce into a Multi-Vendor Marketplace

If your business is selling products or services from multiple vendors, you don’t need to create a different site for each vendor. Instead, the Mercado Multi-Vendor WooCommerce plugin will act as a manager between you, the owner, and your suppliers. For each vendor, there is an interactive & live tracking dashboard where you can view the orders and sub-orders with their status. You can also set flexible commissions to increase earning and create coupons for each product to increase sales as well.

Similarly, you can supervise every record through the authoritative admin panel. Additionally, social login & registration with live chatting functionality between admin & vendor is provided. This plugin also supports multiple payment gateways, shipping & tax management for each order. There is no limitation on the number of vendors, so there is no limitation on how much you can earn through your online business.

Tell your vendor to create a simple or grouped & variable product, there is no limitation on that as well. To excite your vendor there is a dark theme mode for the dashboard as well. You and your vendor will have nothing to worry about, as Mercado will do almost everything for your business to grow. You can also make announcements for all vendors at once. This Cheapest WordPress WooCommerce Plugin also aids your vendor in preparing invoices & receipts for every order.

Mercado Pro costs only $14 with 6-month support from the author. It has a rating of 5 on 5 though is it new on the market. I personally guess its price might increase as the rating is high and the number of sales is gradually increasing. It is your choice, buy it now or pay more later. Read More!

2. WooCommerce Cart All in One – One-click Checkout – Sticky|Side Cart

cheapest woocommerce wordpress plugin

If you are an online seller and you don’t have a cart feature on your website, then trust me you’re missing something very essential. Online buyers often prefer to collect favorite items in a cart and choose the best one among them to buy. Providing a cart to your customers means you’re giving them a reason to engage on your site. The more they engage more chance they will buy your products. WooCommerce Cart All in One costs only $18 as it is one of the Cheapest WordPress WooCommerce plugins. But provides you several options on how you can display carts on various positions on your business site.

Cart All In One Plugin is an amazing plugin that gives your customers a new experience of buying things online. You can create Sidebar Cart, Menu Cart, Sticky Add To Cart button, and Checkout on Sidebar Cart as well. The sidebar cart will popup as a sidebar with all features needed for a cart. You can set the sidebar cart to be displayed on the left or right side of the page.

Meanwhile, the menu cart adds an icon on the menus or header. Your customers can view their items on the cart by hovering on the icon. The ‘Add to cart ‘ button allows customers to add variable products to the cart after selecting the variation they want. Also, the plugin uses the ajax technique, as a result, users can view their cart immediately and see the recent item in the list without needing to reload the page.

Similarly, you can add a ‘sticky Add To Cart Button’ to each product page to ease your customers. WooCommerce Cart All in One offers another feature called ‘Recently viewed products ‘. This Cheapest WordPress WooCommerce Plugin does magic by showing customers their view history so that they can come back to your site anytime and find what they viewed last time.  Additionally, the checkout process is included on the sidebar cart which makes the customers buy your product directly from the cart.

There is a special offer for this plugin, the cost is just $18 for the first 500 sales. So if you think this plugin is essential for your business site, buy it as fast as possible. Read more!

3. Product Faqs for WooCommerce

Product Faqs for woocommerce

As you wish to grow your business, your customers wish to see reliable products on your site. Imagine yourself buying a product online, how many queries will you have? 1? 2? or 5? If each customer started to ask 5 questions per product, how many employees will you for customer support only? This is impractical, right? Thus Product Faqs for WooCommerce is one plugin that will reduce the number of employees you’ll need for customer support.

With this Cheapest WordPress WooCommerce Plugin, you can show frequently asked questions with their answers directly on the product page. If you want some products without FAQs, there is an option to disable them as well. Thus, the choice is yours.

This plugin provides the option to create as many FAQs as you want. Moreover, FAQs can be categorized using custom taxonomy for FAQs as well. You can also select the FAQs from FAQs categories to display. Saying that you don’t need to create the same question multiple times for multiple products. This plugin is a miracle in saving your time and effort as well. You can invest that time in other important factors like marketing and enhancements.

4. WooCommerce Whatsapp Order 

woocommerce whatsapp plugin

In this era of technology, who doesn’t have a mobile phone? Who doesn’t have WhatsApp on their phone? Social media has been a great marketplace nowadays. Have you ever thought of utilizing social media for your business? If not yet, start right now. Because your competitor might be already flaunting their products on amazing platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

In the case of WordPress eCommerce sites, the WooCommerce Whatsapp Order plugin plays a vital role in connecting your customers to your products directly. You can add a ‘Buy Now’ button on selected products or categories. This button will redirect your customers to Whatsapp where they can text you for inquiry and purchase.

Similarly, you can also add a ‘Add to WhatsApp Cart’ button to selected products or categories. Multiple products and categories added to the cart are listed in special WhatsApp cart pages. It is easy for both you and your customers as both of you can instantly contact each other within your WhatsApp inbox. Easier than mails right?

Social media like WhatsApp should be the key target for marketing your products. Why? Simply, because your customers are spending more time there.  Also, this Cheapest WordPress WooCommerce Plugin ensures closer interaction with the customers. As closer as you go, you realize what products are loved by the customers and can focus on enhancing them as well.

This plugin developer team seems to be exceptional as they provide 24/7 customer support. Moreover, you can manage WhatsApp orders from your admin dashboard as well. Customers can also ask general questions about products through the general inquiry feature added by this amazing plugin which costs only $15.

5. Cashback Coupon for WooCommerce ( Cheapest WordPress WooCommerce Plugin)

Cashback Coupon Plugin

Now it’s your turn to win the market competition! How? Discounts are the buyer’s favorite gem! You can relate to it, right? Business people can easily understand the power of cashback offers. What if you could add one to your business site as well. Your customer will love it for sure. Cashback Coupon for WooCommerce is one of the cheapest wooCommerce plugins that does attract your customers and convinces them to buy products on your site.

This Cheapest WordPress WooCommerce Plugin is the masterpiece to grow your business. You can send auto-generated cashback coupons to customers. Either you want to provide fixed cashback or percentage cashback on cart total, this plugin can do it for you. Additionally, you can set usage limitations for the coupon as well.  If tax might cause a problem, you can choose the option to “Apply Before Tax Coupon”.

With this plugin, you can boost your sales and earn more revenue. Cashback Coupon for WooCommerce plugin also assists you in customizing email templates and email subjects as well. Most importantly, this plugin deletes coupons after being used.

If a $14 plugin can increase your sales and revenue, why not use it right now? No advertisement and marketing strategy can be this cost-effective.  Thus use it as soon as possible to stand out on the market. Read more…

6. WooCommerce Product & Variation Gallery Images

woocomerce product variation and images

Online customers wish to see one more image every time. It’s obvious, it is hard to decide whether the product is best fitted or not just by viewing one picture. Thus you need to clear the confusion of your customers, you need to add more images and variations of your products. But where to add those images? WooCommerce doesn’t support variation images by default. Here comes the role of WooCommerce Product & Variation Gallery Images.

Using this cheapest WooCommerce plugin, you can add and show an image gallery of multiple products and their variation. Add as many pictures as you want and sort them right away dragging and dropping. Similarly, you can show the gallery in lightbox & fullscreen modes and customize them as well.

More images will help you convince more customers. But you might think, more images mean a heavy website. There is no need to worry about page speed because fast ajax loading technology is implemented in this plugin. The plugin offers a fully responsive variation gallery, your customers can zoom in and out each image. If there are lots of images in variation, pagination dots and arrows will help you out. It is guaranteed that this plugin is compatible with every Theme.

You won’t find a better plugin for product and variation images gallery plugin for just $14. Read more…

7. WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing

Bulk editing woocommerce plugin

“Can’t believe this plugin is the cheapest WordPress WooCommerce plugin, tons on feature in just $9? Exceptional!” You can edit multiple products at once and update multiple products and variations at the same time. Using this cheapest WordPress WooCommerce plugin, you can professionally manage each and every data of your products. The key features of this WordPress plugin are powerful filter form, powerful bulk editing form, Inline edit and add, delete & attach variation as well.

In addition to that, you can bind edit products, saying that you can set a value to multiple products at once. Change products prices either by percentage or by a fixed amount. and control all products and customize every variation in your shop. Similarly, essential features like creating a product, updating a product, deleting products, creating clones, or duplicate a product with one single click are also provided. You can export the product’s data into a CSV file as well.

Most importantly, the plugin saves a history of changes and provides you facilities to undo or redo the last changes. Remember all these features comes within one single plugin and it costs only $9. The 70% offer is only for the first 100 sales, so grab it as soon as possible. If not satisfied, a 100% money-back guarantee is there. 24/7 real-time support and free lifetime update have added more reasons to buy this cheapest WooCommerce WordPress plugin.

8. WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Funnel – Order Bump

checkout product suggestionUpsell! You can already guess what this plugin is for. Increasing your sales by engaging customers while they are on the checkout page is a very smart marketing strategy. Your customer might buy more products if they already have decided to buy one, so why not give this plugin a try? Using this cheapest WordPress WooCommerce Plugin you can offer the product suggestions and smart order bumps adding eye-catchy discount offers to your customers while they are still in the checkout page.

This plugin allows you to choose the location where product suggestions will appear, either on the checkout page or as a popup or by redirecting the customers to an order suggestion page. By choosing a pop-up as location, the suggestion for products list will appear as a pop-up on the checkout page as soon as the customer chooses to place an order. Similarly, by choosing an ‘Order Suggestion Page’ as location, your customers will be redirected to the Order Suggestion page after they click on the place order button.

Moreover, with this amazing plugin, you can apply discount types and amounts. Product suggestions with discounts will attract your customers to buy more products in a single session. In addition to that, customize the design and layout of checkout to grab the attention of customers. One amazing feature of this plugin is the ‘Countdown Timer’ feature. By setting a countdown timer, and a message like a 10% cashback offer for the next 30 seconds only, buyers are more likely to click on the suggestion products, more quickly as well.

This cheapest WordPress WooCommerce plugin provides access to create unlimited order bumps for just $10. And the offer is for the first 200 sales. So hurry up and get it as soon as possible. Read more…

9. WooCommerce Order Status Per Product

order status plugin

Many social media sellers do not even provide updates about our orders. Customer needs to ask time and again, whether their product is ready or dispatched or on the way to deliver. This is very disgusting! Though it is not possible to show the track of orders on social media businesses, you are in WordPress, right? So do it now. Displaying the Order Status of your products will encourage your customer to trust your business.

Using this cheapest WordPress WooCommerce plugin, you can create unlimited custom status and assign for the order products. Your customer can easily know the status of their order on the order detail page. There are options available to set different colors of different order statuses and set custom text for each status as well. Similarly, you can also display status update dates and notes on the product order detail page.

This plugin too doesn’t cost you more. For just $14 you get all the features with free future updates and free 6-months support. So if you want to build trust and encourage your customer to buy your products frequently, do install this plugin. Read more…

10. Dynamic Pricing Per Product for WooCommerce

dynamic priicing plugin

If you want to provide your daily customers some discounts, you need this plugin to price the products dynamically on the basis of user roles. This enhances your customer’s experience as they can feel treated specially. Similarly, you’ll need this plugin if you need to change the price of a product based on the payment gateway. This can happen because the service charge or commission rate of different payment gateways can vary. Or if you need to set a dynamic price per product based on product quantity or categories, this plugin is for you.

As there is an option to enable or disable dynamic pricing, you can choose which products required dynamic pricing. You can also set dynamic pricing on the basis of a fixed amount or percentile. Just set the rules that you can the plugin to consider like, user role, discount price, special payment gateways, then the plugin handles the pricing tasks for you.

This cheapest WordPress WooCommerce plugin costs just $14, with six months of free support. You can give it a try if dynamic pricing is your business requirement. Read more…

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